Chapter 2: Pre-history (Crossroads)
Events do not just happen. God has a master plan that is eternal that we in the earthly realm experience in what seems to us to be
So, my birth into this realm was not just an accident, but it was planned and prepared for by God from the very beginning of creation. He had put everything in place for my arrival on both a large and small scale.
There would be too much to share at this point about the world situation that precipitated my coming, so I will save that for another time. What I would like to share now are the more intimate details that immediately preceded my birth.

God had chosen two special people to receive me and prepare me for the task that He had given me to fulfill in His Kingdom plan for the world at this time. In a worldly sense, you could call them my parents.
It would be hard to imagine two more different people regarding spiritual history and background than my parents. Coming from an Italian immigrant family steeped in Roman Catholicism, my mother had been serving in church ministry her entire adult life. My father, on the other hand, was from a nominally Protestant Christian background and had very little interest in church until adulthood, when life circumstances caused him to seek God.

They each arrived in Florida from two distinctly different directions. My mother was specifically sent by God from the northeast to start a ministry, while my father was sent by a multi-national company where He worked when a construction project in India was temporarily shut down by the government there.
How they met and what occurred as a result will be told in the next chapter of my story.
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