Chapter 6
I was almost 5 years old when several forces caused a major shift in my life.
The first was that the project my father was working on was completed and he was being directed by God to a new project.
He had an opportunity to work on the south side of Jacksonville, but this would mean that he would be away during the weekdays. Since this was not an option, God directed us to begin seeking another place to live that would allow him to commute daily to work and yet still be in the greater Orlando area of Florida where God had established me.
During this time, my father had a very significant dream in which he had a God encounter and was told that he was to buy land in DeLand. As a result, my parents were led to a new development in DeLand near the highway that would allow my father to reasonably get to the Jacksonville project.
Though this was an option, my mother and I were reluctant to leave our Kissimmee home. However, during that summer another event took place that would push us forward. Three major hurricanes passed over central Florida all near our home causing significant damage both to the main house structure and the outlying office. It was a clear sign that it was time for us to move.
Once we had agreed to move and we purchased property in DeLand, another interesting event occurred. My father was offered a better position in the Orlando area, which was closer to our original home than the one we were building in DeLand! This made it absolutely clear that God wanted me in DeLand in order to fulfill the destiny that He had for me.

There was a period of about two years before I settled in DeLand and began my childhood there. That story will be told in the next chapter.
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