The Month of Av
Meaning "Father"
The alphabet TET for AV means "Father" and resembles a womb. It is a month when earth contracts and what was in pregnancy moves into the earth realm. It is a month of either metamorphosis or disintegration.
On the 9th of Av the Israel's sin of unbelief at Kadish Barnea was when God brought them out of Egypt by His mighty power. The spies went in and brought back samples from the land. Ten of the spies reported that "We look like grasshoppers compared to those who lived in the Promised Land." They were afraid. But two of the spies, Joshua and Caleb said that God had given them this land and they were not afraid.
WE CAN NOT CHOOSE TO LISTEN TO THE VOICE OF UNBELIEF! God designed Av to be the time to enter the Promised Land. Their unbelief put them under a curse. We cannot mix faith with fear according to Hebrews 4:1-2. Their decision cost them everything. They not only had to live in the wilderness for 40 more years, but the older generation had to die off so that they younger generation could lay hold of the promises.

We have a choice! We can choose to receive a curse, or we can choose to break a curse! We can choose to believe God's promises and we can choose to enter into God's blessings!!

The month of Av is associated with the tribe of Simeon. Simeon was Jacob's second child, born of Leah. Simeon was an implement of violence. He and his brother Levi slaughtered those who had served under King Shechem. His son had fallen in love with Jacob's daughter, Dinah and raped her. The prince wanted to marry her, and so Jacob agreed that they would marry if the men of that city chose to be circumcised, which they agreed to. During that time of circumcision Simeon and Levi broke into the city and slaughtered the men of the city.

When Jacob blessed his sons before death, he brought up this incident and disassociated himself from this action and decreed that Simeon and Levi would be scattered and dispersed. Moses did not give a blessing or prophecy to Simeon when he blessed the other tribes before his death, but Ezekiel included Simeon in the tribes who would have territory in the coming kingdom (Ez. 48:24).
This is a month when the kingdom advances through partnership. Be aware of your partnerships and watch your alignments. Psalms 32 says that God will take the reins of our life and guide us by His eye! Joshua 24:25 "Choose this day whom you will serve." We can choose to serve the gods of comfort and pleasure or follow the God of our Fathers, Yahweh, the Lord most high.
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