December, 2021

Rosewood Autobiography - Chapter 11

Part 2 – Rosewood in Africa
I am now 22 years old. Though the past two years have been challenging for all of us due to the world-wide pandemic that struck in early winter of 2020, I have continued the mission that God gave me during this period by His grace.
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In Chapter 10, I referred to the fact that "God opened a door for me to begin a mission on the African continent bringing the transformation and kingdom ministry message there." That mission began with the birth of my African brother and the establishment of an online Zoom training school for pastors in Uganda in 2019 in partnership with Manna Bible Institute located in Nairobi, Kenya. This association was God-ordained and necessary, so that the graduates of Manna Bible Institute Uganda would receive accredited degrees accepted by Uganda authorities, who had threatened to close churches if the pastors did not receive formal training. There were some delays in the training due to the pandemic restrictions on the nation of Uganda, but the school successfully graduated the first-year program students in 2021.
During these years, there has been a growing interest and need for this training throughout Uganda and even into other parts of Africa. After much prayer and many confirmations, it became clear the God was calling me to go to East Africa (Kenya and Uganda) to expand the training program in several ways. This began a six-month period of preparation during which I needed to prepare my home and mission here in Florida. Although it has been a somewhat daunting task, I thank God that He provided the necessary people to assist me in this process and led me through the various issues that arose in many amazing ways!
I am now ready to depart, and I am very much looking forward to spending time with my young brother! My parents and I are planning to be there for at least 4 months beginning in mid-December, but we may need to stay longer if necessary. Our first stop will be in Nairobi where I will be building stronger relationships and a base of operations for the Uganda training school with the leaders of Manna Bible Institute. I will be sharing from there in my next post by the end of December.
Throughout our stay in Africa, I will be sending updates every two weeks on my experience of being one of "the least and lowliest" that God has used throughout history and now is using to expand His great work in Africa. To God be the glory! Stay tuned!
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