Rosewood: An Autobiography
Chapter 12: Part 2 - Rosewood in Africa
It is now the end of 2021, and I have been in Kenya for two extraordinary weeks! During this time, I have been able to see for myself Manna Bible Institute and to meet and share with God's special people that have been called and prepared by Him to serve in this ministry for "such a time as this." Each of them has unique gifts, which God has blended to bring "His kingdom come, and His will be done" in Africa and globally in this season.
After spending a few days to get settled here, my first meeting was with the staff members and some of the instructors. During this time, I shared the vision that God had placed in me and how the partnership which began two years ago with the founding of Manna Bible Institute Uganda could be more firmly established during my visit here this month. We concluded with setting up an agenda to complete those tasks.
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Since then, I have set up an office to coordinate the future shared activities between me and MBI that will be staffed by a woman prepared and chosen by God for this work. I will complete her preparation and provide her with all the training materials necessary to enable her to carry on my work for the staff, teachers and students here after I leave for Uganda.

I have also met with the administrative assistant, who is responsible for maintaining records on all who study under the oversight of MBI, which now includes the Uganda students, to provide her with all the material and information that she will need to facilitate that process as the Uganda program expands.
Furthermore, several MBI instructors will be teaching some courses for the Uganda school when it begins its next cycle of training in February. So, I held an orientation meeting with them to explain the program and answer their questions.

Finally, we have entered the season when God is moving on the face of the earth to restore the Apostolic Kingdom Ministry that Jesus came to establish. I am blessed to be given the call and the mandate to raise up women to take their God-ordained place denied them from the time of the early spread of Christianity in the first three centuries until now. I have started holding weekly meetings with key women. Women are God's secret weapon for this season. Men can build a house, but without women there is no life there! The Body of Christ has been maintained for all these centuries for now. This is our time!
Before I leave Kenya, I will be sharing in the next chapter all the remaining work that God has done in my time here. You will not want to miss it! To Him be the glory!
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