Chapter 13: Part 3 - Rosewood in Africa
I am now coming to the end of my time in Kenya. I have very much enjoyed getting to know and to work with the extraordinary staff at Manna Bible Institute. With their assistance, I have been able to accomplish all the tasks God had set before me when He sent me to this beautiful land.

What was begun in the first two weeks continued and now we have established a very strong partnership between me and MBI in several ways.

First and foremost, there is now a fully functional and dedicated office representing me on the grounds with a coordinator who will carry forth God's mandate to bring the transformation ministry to Africa and the world. All the available resources that God has given me have been shared with this office including all the training materials necessary so that the coordinator can share these with the Manna staff, instructors and students both here in Kenya and at the remote campuses across Africa and the world. I have also held demonstration ministry sessions with key leaders during these weeks.
Secondly, I completed three Women's Empowerment Gatherings during which a group of women leaders in the community were introduced to the God's vision for women as transformation and Kingdom ministry takes root across Africa and the world. We experienced an amazing release of Holy Spirit power and anointing during these sessions. Each woman received a personal mandate to carry forth this vision. As a result, they will continue with healing and training from the Rosewood office to enable them to fulfill the mission they have received.
Finally, I am working with the instructors here who will be teaching several of the classes for the Uganda school which will begin next month to establish a schedule and determine the subjects to be taught and the online site hosting responsibilities.
During a free day, I was treated to a trip into the Kenya Wildlife Preserve. God's presence in this area is palpable and the beauty of it is incredible!
I am now beginning the process of making the transition to Uganda this week. I will be sharing all that God has planned and what has occurred in my first weeks there in my next post. I hope you will check it out! To God be the glory!
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