Rosewood: An Autobiography
Part 2: Chapter 20 - Rosewood in Africa

Rosewood Autobiography

Part 2 – Rosewood in Africa

Chapter 20

I have returned now to my US home, so this will be the last chapter for this part of my Africa journey. At this time, I want to share with you my thoughts about what this experience has meant to me and where God is taking me in the next season of my earthly life with Him.
My call to Africa was initially a big surprise to me! When God raised me to an apostolic ministry, I did not fully understand the fact that it meant that I would be used internationally to bring the Christian maturity message to other parts of the world.
God spent 20 years training me in the transformation and maturing ministry and developing a curriculum that could be used to bring others into this level of Christian life and awareness for such a time as this!
In the last few years before my call to Africa, He also brought people from other parts of the world into my arena to share with me His plans to reform the church structure back to the kingdom model that Jesus established on the earth in the first century.
In this process, He revealed to me the necessity of transformation ministry in raising the Body of Christ to be kingdom citizens for the work of rescuing the world from control by the kingdom of darkness and leading it back to His original design.
The work that was begun by God with the creation of Manna Bible Institute Uganda (MBIU) several years ago was expanded during these last four months and brought to another level with the formation of the Kairos Apostolic International center in Uganda under God’s direction and design.
In the last days of my African journey, I commented to God one day in prayer that I was blessed and privileged to be used in this awesome work as I was coming to the end of my mission. His response was that it was “only the end of the beginning”!
Though I do not fully know what the next step in my walk with Him will be, I know that the work in Africa has just begun and that He will lead me into the next phase of this mission. Please pray for me in this regard, and as that takes shape, I will be faithful to report on it!
In general, all of this was and is a work of God, and I am just a vessel in His hands blessed to be used by Him in this season. To God be the glory!

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