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The month of Elul
Starting on September 1st through the 29th 2019, the month of Elul is one of the most significant months in the Jewish Calendar.
Elul is the month that "The King is in the Field". It represents the one month each year that the king left his palace and went into the fields among the people. A royal tent was set up in a field and all who wanted to visit the king were welcomed. There was an announcement that "The King Is In the Field!"

God wants to meet with us during this month in a special way. In the Song of Solomon the word "Elul" forms an interesting acrostic. SOS 6:3 says, "I am my beloved's, and my beloved is mine!" In the Hebrew language, the first letter of each word in that phrase spells out the name of the month: ELUL.
God wants to meet with us every month, but the month of Elul is marked with God wanting to meet with us in a special way, there is a special intimacy with Him.
God wants to spend time with you. John 1:14 tells us that "The Word became flesh and dwelt among us." The word for dwelt means to "tabernacle" among us. He lived with us for 33 years. Elul is a picture of the earthly ministry of Jesus.
God is the most accessible to us this month.
We have all experienced wilderness seasons in our life. The enemy would like us to seclude ourselves and go it alone. Why? Just as a lion will watch over his herd and go after the one who lags behind, and has become cut off from the herd, when we are in community, that corporate place, the enemy will have a harder time picking us out individually.

There is a blessing process of time. We move from the wilderness season and into that blessing process when we choose to process through the blessing of each month. This is the month to fix what has been broken. What areas in your life are broken? Eagerly run to Him, throw yourself on Him. There is a special way God wants you to share this special intimacy with Him.

The month of Elul is also associated with the Hebrew tribe Gad, which means "good fortune" and the Hebrew letter YOD meaning, "God has appointed mercy from His hand." Expect something good to happen this month! Grab ahold of God's hand of mercy this month! This month is a time where scripture tells us to run into the tower of His might, His refuge. If you have experienced brokenness in your life, this is the month to fix what is broken. Ask God to show you how you got there. He could speak to you in a dream, a vision, through a prophetic word, a Scripture, through revelation from the Holy Spirit that will help you to understand his process to bring healing and restoration.

We pray that this month will be the beginning of a deeper personal relationship with the King, Yeshua as you approach Him and allow His countenance to shine on you. We pray that if you need healing in those broken areas in your life that He will begin the process to restore and heal.

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