Month of Well or Eye
Tevet begins in the winter, in the 10th month of the Jewish calendar. Tevet always has 29 days, unlike the other months which can have 29 or 30. Hanukah begins on 25 Kislev and continues for 8 days, thus the final few days extend into Tevet.
The letter of the alphabet for Tevet is AYIN which pictures a "spring or well". It also means "eye". It connotes to see with the good eye and break the power of the evil watchers with the bad eye. If you do not break the power of the evil eye this month, it will try to guide you into the future. The evil eye structure is embedded into our culture and causes dark angels and evil structures to try to manipulate us. Starting the year right with gatherings to pray and worship will press us through. This month is a time for new life to flow. Allow the well to spring up inside of you and rejoice.
In the book of Zechariah, the last four days of the month become days of "joy and gladness and good festivals." One of the festivals is "the fast of the 10th." On this day the Jewish people do not eat or drink from daybreak to nightfall to mourn the destruction of Jerusalem.
In the book of Esther, we read that Esther was taken to King Ahasuerus' palace in the tenth month, Tevet. This month is also a significant time in Jewish history because on the 10th of the month, Nebuchadnezzar, king of Babylonia the Siege of Jerusalem began.

On the 8th of Tevet the Torah was translated into Greek. It became just another book in the library of Ptolemy of Egypt.

On the 9th of Tevet Ezra the Scribe, returned to the land of Israel from Babylonia and rebuilt the Temple in Jerusalem.

The name "Tevet" was adopted during the Babylonian exile. It is believed to connote "sinking" or "immersing." During the heavy winter rainfalls at this time, much of the Middle East becomes a muddy swamp.

Tevet is a month to know that in the midst of destruction, there is Mercy. It is a month of holy anger or righteous indignation. Ten is the number of Godly authority and Tevet is the 10th month. It is a month to pray for our Commander in Chief. Whatever strategies the enemy has to pull leaders away must be thwarted with our prayers. The enemy knows that when we have a good leader, they will give us right revelation to move forward.

Tevet is also the number for testimony. The 10 commandments were in the Ark of the Testimony.

Tevet is associated with the Hebrew letter AYIN. The AYIN symbolizes an eye and represents letting your good eye see and breaking the power of the evil eye structure imbedded in culture. AYIN also represents a well, and a month for new life to flow. It is a time to pay attention to the prophetic words spoken over your life, so you do not miss your destiny.
As we reflect on God's goodness and all that He has for us let us remember the gift of life, the gift of His Son, our Lord Jesus Christ and the gift of the Holy Spirit sent to lead and guide us as we cross over into the New Era. It is time to accelerate, time to believe for God's promises in our lives to begin to shine, just as the lights of Hanukkah so that we can emanate the Love and Peace of our Savior in the days ahead.

We at Rosewood speak blessings over your lives and may the Love and Joy of God fill you to overflowing so that you can reflect on all that God has for you .

Blessings and Love!!
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